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Choosing to study Transport Engineering at UNSW’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering means you become inextricably linked with rCITI. We are one big happy and supportive family and make it our business to welcome you, encourage you and celebrate your achievements with you.

You can find out more about our current Transport Engineering students and what they are studying below.

From Student Topic Program Supervisor Name
2013,S2-Current Alireza Ahmadian Fard Fini Predicting delay and minimizing its impact in construction context PhD A Akbar Nezhad (S),
T Hossein Rashidi (S),
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-Current Raed Alsalhi Traffic flows in urban networks PhD V Dixit (S),
L Gardner (C)
2013,S1-Current Abdulmajeed Alsultan Urban traffic network design PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2013,S2-Current Nima  Amini  Transport modelling PhD  L Gardner (S),
ST Waller (S)
2013,S1-Current David Arbis Delay gratification in safety compliance amongst travellers PhD V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi(S)
Z Xiong(C)
2014,S2-Current Hossein Asefi Single and Multi-objective optimization approach for solving a Green-Two-echelon Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Collection Location-Routing PhD S Lim (S),
V Dixit (C),
M Maghrebi (C)
S2015,S1-Current Chau Minh Bui Spatial modelling of avian and human influenza A H5N1 and H7N9 PhD L Gardner (S),
R MacIntyre (S)
2014,S2-Current Sai Chand Macroscopic Modelling For Large Urban Networks PhD  V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2016,S2-Current Shantanu Chakraborty Study of the analytical properties of higher order traffic models for Dynamic Assignment (DTA) PhD

ST Waller (S)
D Rey (C)

2014,S1-Current Nathan Chen Multilayer network approach to modelling transportation networks PhD V Dixit (S), 
L Gardner (S)
D Rey (C)
2016,S2-Current Zesheng Cheng Big data analysis on urban transport network PhD

T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
M Maghrebi (C)

2013,S2-Current Milad Ghasrikhouzani Disaggregate Behavioural Land Use Modelling: Integration Of Housing Search, Job Search And Households' Dynamics PhD T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
2016,S1-Current Sam Grant   PhD L Gardner (S)
I MacGill (S)
2016,S1-Current Dan Hagmen Bridging the gab between 'global' and 'local' physiological events of the musculoskeletal system PhD L Gardner (c),
M Knote Tate (S)
 2013,S2-Current Ahmed Hammad Multi-Objective Optimisation PhD A Akbar Nezhad (S),
S Davis (C)
D Rey (C)
2013,S2-Current Asif Hassan Mobile Phone Distraction and Traffic Safety PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S),
Z Xiong(C)
2014,S2-Current Mohammad Nurul Hassan Demand Estimation for Public Transportation PhD T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
2016,S1-Current Mohammad Nabil Mohammad Ibrahim Parking strategy to solve histroical and future parking problems with focus on travel behavior  PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (C),
2014,S1-Current Divya Jayakumar Nair Logistics Of Surplus Food Rescue And Distribution PhD V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi (S),
H Grzybowska (C)
2013,S2-Current Sisi Jian Network modelling PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2016, S1-Current Rico Krueger Behavioural analysis of socio-technical transitions PhD T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
 Vij (C)
2014,S1-Current Chenyang Li Carsharing and route choice. PhD V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi(C)
2014,S1-Current Xun Li Equity in transportation system PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-Current Tuo Mao Transport network modelling and optimisation PhD V Dixit (S),
L Gardner (S),
Chen Chai (C)
2015,S2- Current Ali Najmi  Integration of dynamic traffic assignment and activity based modelling PhD T Hossein Rashidi(S)
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-Current Edward Robson General equilibrium model to evaluate economic impact of transport projects. PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-Current Neeraj Saxena Transportation network modelling PhD V Dixit (S),
ST Waller (S)
2015,S1-Current Siavash Shahsavairipur Developing freight logistic plan and optimized transport network system PhD ST Waller (S),
T Hossein Rashidi
D Rey (C)
 2016,S2-Current Amarin Siripanich Land use modelling and demographic modelling using agent based approaches  PhD T Hossein Rashidi(S)
ST Waller
2016,S2-Current Buddhini Wagasooriya Pricing natural disaster risk PhD V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi (C)
2013,S1-Current Tao Wen Transport network modelling PhD L Gardner (S),
ST Waller (S)
Chen Chai (C)
2014,S1-Current Xiang Zhang Transport modelling PhD D Rey (S),
ST Waller (S)
2014,S1-Current David Anthony Carey Shared spaces and the relationship between traffic and pedestrians

Masters by Research

T Hossein Rashidi(S),
ST Waller (S)
2013,S2-Current Alex Karki Parking Optimization Masters by Research V Dixit (S),
T Hossein Rashidi(S), 
D Rey (C)
2016,S2-Current Shuangqing Gong Developing a discrete-continuous model to model the tourism behaviour in Australian major cities Masters by Research T Hossein Rashidi(S)
2015,S1-Current Bozhezi Peng The demand for motorcycle taxis in Sydney area Masters by Research T Hossein Rashidi(S)
 2016,S2-Current Ming En Chin    Logistics in humanitarian emergency operations Taste of Research H Grzybowska (S)
ST Waller (S)
2016,S2-Current Catherine Duong The Impact of Technology on Pedestrian Safety Taste of Research ST Waller (S)
Kasun Wijayaratna 
2016,S2-Current Linzhi Huang   Workforce Scheduling and Routing Problem Taste of Research H Grzybowska (S)
ST Waller (S)
 2016,S2-Current Matthew Chen   Elite Student  V Dixit (S)
Kasun Wijayaratna (S)


S = Supervisor
C = Co-supervisor