Dr Hanna Grzybowska

Hanna GrzybowskaDr Hanna Grzybowska is a research associate at the UNSW School of Civil and Environmental Engineering's Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation. She is inspired every day by the way science improves our lives in smart ways, and what she loves most about being an engineer is seeing her ideas being used by others and working in reality.

The first project involves developing and deploying integrated network techniques to enhance the NSW transport system. The goal is to build the Sydney Metropolitan Area Dynamic Assignment Model (MADAM) which will involve developing a large model that is capable of coordinating traffic data from many different sources. The implementation of this model will be the launch pad for future research in the area of Dynamic Traffic Assignment.

The second project concerns evaluating ramp metering strategies. Although ramp metering has been very well studied, the goal of this project is to research and design evaluation methods for the different algorithms used in ramp metering, where there has been little study done to date.

Dr Grzybowska is also researching Field Service Engineers and the problems relating to scheduling. The assignment of Field Service Engineers to jobs is a relevant and challenging planning problem for both companies and academics. Many engineers are forced to commute large distances during and between shifts and the type of job they are required to do may vary in priority or the number and availability of engineers required. By applying mathematical modelling to the problem, Dr Grzybowska is cleverly approaching it as a dynamic routing and scheduling issue.

Before joining UNSW, Dr Grzybowska was a member of the Intelligent Fleet Logistics (IFL) business team at NICTA, where she received the Richard Newton Excellence in Wealth Creation Impact Award in 2012. She completed her PhD in Operational Research at the Department of Statistics and Operational Research of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) in Barcelona, Spain