Full Profile - Dr Lauren Gardner

Lauren Gardner


BS ArchE, MSE and PhD, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Research Interest: Network modeling for integrated systems. 

Lauren Gardner studies the relationships and dependencies between various infrastructure systems including the processes which impact them.

She believes that the overlapping nature of many major infrastructure systems (such as transportation, electricity, communication) in our modern world means the techniques of integration are vitally important to getting the most out of any one system.

“I am looking at ways that system interdependencies can be mathematically defined so the impact a change or disturbance in one system may have on another can be modelled,” she said.

Dr Gardner’s research incorporates a variety of interdisciplinary applications spanning transportation engineering, infrastructure systems, environmental sustainability, economics and epidemiology. She is particularly focusing on developing network-based optimisation models that can predict the role of global transport systems in the spread of contagious disease.

Another area of interest is sustainable models which integrate transport and electricity systems through alternative vehicle technologies. She is also looking at congestion pricing models that account for uncertainty, the role of real-time information and adaptive pricing.

Dr Lauren Gardner joined UNSW as a Lecturer in Transport Engineering in 2011. She is also a Research Fellow with the NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence in Population Health Research the School of Public Health and Community Medicine. She has a PhD in Transportation Engineering from the University of Texas, USA.