Full Profile - Dr Lavy Libman

Dr Lavy Libman

Senior Lecturer

BSc, MSC and PhD Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

Area of Interest: Intelligent Transport Systems

Dr Lavy Libman is a Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Transport Systems in the School of Computer Science and Engineering and is a collaborative researcher with the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation. His current research focus is around the emerging Direct Short-Range Communication (DSRC) technology between vehicles and/or roadside infrastructure, and more specifically its use for real-time traffic monitoring, density estimation and incident detection.

Dr Libman is exploring how the presence of communication capability in vehicles is transforming road management – for example, how the accuracy of travel time estimates, and other real-time traffic-related information, depends on the amount and frequency of the information broadcast by vehicles. He aims to develop efficient communication protocols that will allow the traffic control systems to make high-precision traffic estimates and control decisions with minimal communication overhead.

Ultimately, this line of research will allow road authorities and companies in the Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) space to understand the value of dedicated communications infrastructure and be able to take it into account in long-term planning decisions.

After working for many years in wireless and mobile communication networks and with the performance optimisation of large-scale distributed systems, Dr Libman now applies his knowledge and skills to road and vehicular communications research which provide a perfect application domain for many of the general theoretical tools and methods he have been working with.