Full Profile - Dr Zhitao Xiong

Zhitao Xiong

Research Associate

BE and ME Beijing Institute of Technology, China
PhD University of Leeds, UK

Research Interests: Driving Simulation, Driver Models, Driving Behaviours, Human Factor, Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Automated Action Planning 

Dr Zhitao Xiong’s general research interests are in advanced techniques that can lead to an intelligent transport system. His PhD study brought ‘natural’ virtual reality to driving simulators using decision making algorithms and it is this knowledge which he now applies to his work at the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Infrastructure (rCITI) at UNSW.

At rCITI he is currently involved in two projects, the first is focusing on travel time prediction using clever modelling techniques to deal with real-world issues and enhance our understanding of traffic dynamics.

His second project is looking at work zone scheduling in order to optimise the schedules of construction projects on road networks. This involves the development of an instrumented vehicle and will allow faster and more efficient human-like decision making.

Through his research Dr Xiong ultimately aims to develop an integrated intelligent transport system that can take into account the needs of not only transport agencies, but also regular road users. The complex integration involves engineering facilities (such as autonomous vehicles and message signs for travel time prediction on roads), developing relevant algorithms (such as algorithms for work zone scheduling) and verifying those new techniques (using things like driving simulations to verify those designs).

In the past Dr Xiong has been involved with an application known as PreTravel for travel time prediction, an algorithm named CoANT for work zone scheduling based on Ant Colony Optimisation and a platform called IIVS (Integrated Intelligent Vehicular System) for instrumented vehicle and autonomous vehicle research.