Full Profile - Seul Ki Lee

Seul Ki Lee 

PhD Student
Local Student from Sydney, Originally from Korea

Area of Interest: Intelligent road transportation system and Benefits such as greater energy efficiency, reduced collisions, safety of vehicle occupants

Every year, 1.24 million people die on the roads, and 50 million are injured. This occurs despite the increase in vehicle safety and communication systems. I became interested in ways of making traffic safer after having been in several road incidents myself. This led me to research articles on the ways to increase vehicle safety on the roads, especially through vehicle communications technology.

In my PhD I am looking at how the installation of vehicle to vehicle communication systems and vehicle to infrastructure systems have effects on roads in terms of safety, road conditions and future improvements. The technologies I’m studying include wireless communications, computational technologies, sensing and Bluetooth detection.

Government and research play a large part in the development of vehicle and traffic systems here and around the world. During my undergraduate degree I saw there was a potential to study the transportation and traffic systems here in Australia and look at proposing different ways to improve road safety by taking advantages of newly developed technologies.

Because the technologies are complex and changing rapidly, it’s difficult to prepare my research plans and organise my future study – who knows what we’ll have at our fingertips in four years time. But I plan to simply apply what I learn and adapt as new technology becomes available.

rCITI, the dedicated transport research centre at UNSW Australia’s School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, is supported by both industry and government in many research projects associated with transport. Here I have the opportunity to develop and test my thoughts and ideas. The School is extremely well organised and students can be involved in teams consisting of highly experienced academics and other like-minded students. Everyone is very supportive and encouraging.