Full Profile - Tao Wen

Tao Wen

PhD Candidate
International student from China

Area of Interest: Transportation network modelling and demand forecasting

Modern technology provides large amounts of data in relation to transport systems. What to do with this data and how to use it requires research into mathematical optimisation and the development of corresponding transportation models.

My research mainly focuses on estimating transportation demand based on observed traffic flows, which is one of the four fundamental of steps of transportation planning.

Currently I am working on the Sydney SCATS data, which is the traffic flow data of the Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area. The data is complex and there is a huge amount of it to process, my objective is to find a model which can make full use of the data and make reliable prediction of future traffic performance. Because traffic is closely related to our daily life and can affect how we live, I find it fascinating to observe traffic behaviour.

I chose to study at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW Australia because is one of the top schools in the world. Since I arrived I have found the staff to be both friendly and helpful, they are also highly professional. In addition, the school provides an excellent research environment and conditions, and a dedicated transport research centre, rCITI.

Professor Travis Waller is an inspiration to all of us. His  professionalism and personal characteristics are what attracts many of the students and researchers to the school. He is always helpful and is dedicated to provide us the best research environment: that is, with a spirit of cooperation, a great office and the best researchers.