The 32nd CAITR conference

Tuesday, 18 February 2014
Prof. S. Travis Waller opening the 32nd CAITR conference


The 32nd CAITR conference was hosted by the Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on the 17th and 18th February 2014.

CAITR (Conference of Australian Institutes of Transport Research) represents a forum for transport researchers and professionals to present and discuss their work with peers and colleagues in a supportive,informal environment and to be part of a network of expertise. CAITR is particularly valuable to research students (PhDs, Masters and Undergraduates), and recently qualified researchers, providing an opportunity to present work in progress and receive constructive feedback.



Congratulations to Aaron JAMES HARGRAVES, Winner of The Robert L Pretty Memorial Prize for best undergraduate student paper, kindly sponsored by SIDRA SOLUTIONS. Aaron Hargraves

Photo above: (L-R) Aaron Hargraves, Sevim Akcelik and Rahmi Akcelik. 

Congraulations to Nima AMINI, Winner of the Rodney Vaughan Memorial Prize for the best postgraduate student paper, Kindly sponsored by The Urban Transport Insitute (TUTI)

 Nima Amini

Photo above: (L-R) Dr. Vinayak Dixit and Nima Amini.

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Session 1   Affiliation
  • Estimating Human Energy Expenditure on Travel from Multi-Day Multi-Year GPS Data and its Implications about Stable Personal Travel Behaviour, Asif Ahmed and Peter Stopher (download pdf) 
  • Consumer Benefit Model for Developing Public Transport Networks, Edward Robson** (download pdf)
  • Housing prices and price endogeneity in tenure and dwelling type choice models, Chinh Ho* and David Hensher (download pdf)
Session 2  
  • Key Performance Indicators For Freight Networks,Martin Chow and Mende Gorgievski (download pdf)
  • Meeting Country Rail Freight Demand, Aman Mankoo and Shaun Tabone (download pdf)
  • Integration, infrastructure and service reliability: understanding the challenges for regional aviation and the provision of airfreight services, Tarryn Kille*, Paul Bates and Patrick S. Murray (download pdf)
Griffith U
  • A New Mathematical Programming Model for Transit Timetable Synchronisation, Vahid Poorjafari*, Wen Long Yue and Nicholas Holyoak (download pdf)
Uni SA
Session 3  
  • Intelligent mobility on demand: a review of literature and tools and future directions, Nicole Ronald (download pdf)
U Melb
  • A Feasibility Study into the use of String Transport Systems for Passenger Rail in New South Wales, Aaron James Hargraves** (download pdf)
  • What can we learn from previous road tunnel experience in Australia? Jean-Francois Delvaen and Horst (Oz) Kayak (download pdf)
TCPA (Vic)
  • Stochasticity of Airport Passenger Arrival Process in System Dynamics, David Sulejic (download pdf)
  • Overcoming small business opposition to sustainable transport projects that reduce car parking in urban town centres, Claudine Moutou*  and Stephen Greaves (download pdf)
Session 4  
  • Using the logsum to measure accessibility benefits of new cycling infrastructure, Chris Standen* (download pdf)
  • Associations between Health and Active Transportation, Nima Amini* href="" _mce_href="">(download pdf)
  • Addressing Accessibility Gaps in Network Operations Planning, Ian Espada, David Green and Paul Bennett (download pdf)
  • An Innovative System of Disaggregate Models for Trip Generation and Trip Attributes Using Random Forest Concept, Milad Ghasri*and Taha Rashidi (download pdf)
Session 5  
  • Investigating the Braess Paradox within the ‘User Equilibrium with Recourse’ modelling framework,Kasun Wijayaratna*  (download pdf)
  • Switching routes to prevent excessive traffic, Rosemary Sharples*
  • Integrating Machine Learning with Optimization to Solve Large Scale VRP, Mojtaba Maghrebi*, Travis Waller and Claude Sammut
  • Retrieving Trip Information from a Discrete Detectors Network: the case of Brisbane Bluetooth detectors, Gabriel Michau*, Alfredo Nantes, Edward
    Chung, Patrice Abry and Pierre Borgnat   (download pdf)
Session 6  
  • Smartphone-assisted Travel Surveys: Smart way for Transport Planning, Hamid Safi, Mahmoud Mesbah and Luis Ferreira (download pdf)
  • Using Leximancer to understand travellers’ preferences for Park-and-Ride facilities Ying Huang, Doina Olaru, and Brett Smith
  • Travel-Time Patterns Benefitting Health and Wellbeing, Horst (Oz) Kayak and Delvaen Jean-Francois and Marzieh Reisi (download pdf)
TCPA (Vic)
  • Signal Metering Roundabout Evaluation using Fuzzy Logic, Hong Ki An, Wen Long Yue and Nicholas Holyoak (download pdf)
Uni SA
  • Assessment of Antenna Characteristic Effects on Pedestrian and Cyclists Travel-time Estimation based on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Addresses,Naeim
    Abedi*, Ashish Bhaskar and Edward Chung
Session 7  
  • The impact of road grade on city-wide vehicle energy consumption and eco-routing , Melissa Duell*, Michael Levin and S. Travis Waller   (download pdf)
  • Cumulative Effects Assessment for the Sustainability Analysis: A Study on Dhaka City Road Transport Sector, Shirina Afroze*, Rocco Zito, Andrew Allan  (download pdf)
  • Macroscopic Analysis of Brisbane Urban Network for Traffic Monitoring, Takahiro Tsubota, Ashish Bhaskar and Edward Chung (download pdf)
  • The integration of road network and vehicle emissions modelling, Rocco Zito (download pdf)
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