PhD Candidate - Can Li



Can Li     

PhD Candidate



  • B.Eng,  Electronic Engineering - University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (2017)

  • M.S., Electronic and Computer Engineering,  Rutgers University (2018) 

PhD Topic: Urban mobility analytics: inference and forecasting

Understanding human travel patterns is of great importance for model intelligent transportation systems, which is the basic for policy making and traffic scheduling and management.
Can Li's research interests lie in mining and understanding the human travel patterns from large-scale transportation dataset collected from various different travel modes, such as -  bus, trains, ride-sharing services.
Specifically her recent research focus on deep-learning-based traffic data understanding.
For example, Can have explored the OD demand estimation based on graph convolution neural network for public transit systems.

Supervisors: Dr Wei Liu, Prof. S. Travis Waller

Research Interest

  • OD demand estimation/ prediction

  • Mobility pattern analysis

  • Bike-sharing Systems management 

Research Interest