Connected Mobility Services

Our research looks at the ease and flexibility of getting from one point to another for both people and goods and the integration of different transport modes are key aspects of connected mobility today, which are fundamental to the success of our cities. We develop strategies to efficiently and effectively deploy, operate and manage emerging mobility services, taking advantage of enhanced technologies for automation, connectivity, digitalization, and electrification. These strategies make movements of people and goods easier and help to accommodate challenges from traffic congestion, vehicular emission, aging infrastructure and rapid urbanization.

The Connected Mobility Services pillar is led by Dr Elnaz Irannezhad.
This team undertakes world-class research for a wide range of clients in the following areas:-

  • Agent-based freight transport modelling
  • Blockchain, Logistics 4.0 and digital supply chain
  • Smart heavy vehicles tracking and monitoring
  • Automated, electric and hydrogen trucks