Amolika Sinha, PhD Candidate




Amolika Sinha

PhD Candidate

International Student from India


Supervisors:  Prof Vinayak Dixit, Dr Dr Kasun Wijayaratna, Dr Sai Chand


Areas of Interest: 

  • Autonomous Vehicle
  Intelligent transport has the potential to revolutionise the way we commute. Inevitably autonomous driving is a salient technology in intelligent transportation systems, which is a testament of the application of advanced machine and deep learning algorithms. At UNSW, I have been continuously working towards understanding this disruptive technology of autonomous driving from a transportation safety point of view. I am fortunate to be a part of rCITI. The collaborative and innovative environment at rCITI proffer to develop, implement and explore new ideas, which is imperative for good research. My work achievement that I am proud of is when I qualified as a finalist of The Peter Farrell Cup (PFC), NSW’s most prestigious competitive ideas program that is fast‑tracking the next generation of entrepreneurs. Consequently, I got an opportunity to pitch my deck at the Parliament of New South Wales. I am an entrepreneur at the core and in the future, I hope to make meaningful contributions through my ideas and work to solve the problems of mobility. I firmly advocate the idea that better mobility has the potential to eradicate hunger, provide better healthcare and education and can bring equity in the society

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