Can Li, PhD candidate




Can Li

PhD Candidate

International Student from China


Supervisors:  Dr Wei Liu, Prof S. Travis Waller, Dr Lina Yao


Areas of Interest: 

  • OD demand estimation/prediction

  • Mobility pattern analysis
  • Bike-sharing Systems management

At the moment, my major research project is bike-sharing systems management based on reinforcement learning (RL). I hope that I can proposed a basic and general framework based on RL for bike-sharing systems management with dock. Nowadays, bike-sharing systems are widely deployed in many cities. However, the jammed and empty stations will cause customer loss. The operators lack the approaches to minimize the customer loss in a long term. Thus, I think such RL-based bike reposition framework could help operators to deal with this problem.

I hope that in the future I have the ability to be an independent researcher and find a teaching position at a prestigious university.

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