Dr Elnaz (Elli) Irannezhad

Dr. Elnaz (Elli) Irannezhad stands as a UNSW researcher and industry expert, contributing to the Cooperative Research Centre for Food Innovation (CRC Food) – a hub renowned for driving groundbreaking advancements in the food sector. Transitioning from her pivotal roles in industry and academia, Dr. Irannezhad's association with CRC Food exemplifies her commitment to shaping the future of food innovation.

As a Senior Lecturer in Transport Engineering at UNSW's School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, based at the Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI), Dr. Irannezhad brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CRC Food. Her multifaceted expertise spans cross-disciplinary fields, aligning seamlessly with CRC Food's mission to foster collaboration between industry and research institutions for transformative outcomes.

Since joining CRC Food, Dr. Irannezhad has been instrumental in amplifying the impact of her research on the food industry. Her focus on agent-based freight transport modeling, Logistics 4.0, digital supply chain solutions, and other cutting-edge technologies resonates with CRC Food's commitment to driving innovation throughout the food supply chain. This aligns with CRC Food's broader objective of enhancing the efficiency, sustainability, and resilience of the food industry through collaborative research endeavors.

Dr. Irannezhad's dedication to mentoring emerging talent is evident in her role as a supervisor for Kesewa Agyemang, a Future Food Systems PhD scholar. Together, they explore innovative approaches to optimize agrifood supply chains, contributing directly to CRC Food's mission of revolutionizing food production and distribution.

Her participation in CRC Food also underscores her engagement with industry leaders and stakeholders, fostering a collaborative ecosystem where research seamlessly integrates with real-world challenges. Dr. Irannezhad's strategic approach aligns with CRC Food's commitment to translating cutting-edge research into practical solutions that address industry needs and drive positive change.

In summary, Dr. Elnaz Irannezhad's association with CRC Food is emblematic of her dedication to advancing food innovation. Her research, mentorship, and collaborative initiatives within CRC Food reflect a shared commitment to reshaping the food landscape, making her a key contributor to the center's success in driving transformative advancements in the food sector.