Mingyou Ma, PhD Candidate




Mingyou Ma

PhD Student

International Student from China


Supervisors:  Dr Wei Liu, Prof Vinayak Dixit, Dr Fangni Zhang.


Areas of Interest: 

  • Urban co-modality

  • Day-to-day dynamics
  • Transit service reliability
  • Game theory applications in transportation analysis

At the moment, my major research project is modelling urban co-modality with multi-sided interactions. With the fast-growing popularity of online shopping, the surging parcel volume is imposing unprecedented pressure on transport systems. Megacities, which have long suffered from traffic congestion and emissions, are facing even greater new challenges. Urban co-modality has been proposed in this context to make use of existing urban passenger transport systems to also carry freights. There lacks a holistic approach to fully uncover cross-modal interactions among multiple passenger and freight service operators and users. I hope that this research would help us understand the feasibility of the urban co-modality from an economic perspective.

One thing that I think people do not know about me is that I am a music fanatic. Playing the guitar is my favourite leisure activity! I wish I could have the ability to be an independent researcher in the future. Also, I hope I could have my own music band! Let’s rock and roll!

Contact Details: mingyou.ma@student.unsw.edu.au