2019 Thanksgiving meeting

On Thursday 28 November 2019, Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) and the  School of Civil and Environmental Engineering hosted the 2019 Thanksgiving meeting. Staff and students came together to discuss their current research activities.


 Photo 1. Above (L-R): Asal Bidarmaghz (Lecturer, Geotech), Elena Atroshchenko
(Senior Lecturer, Structures), Nancy Glenn (Professor, SAGE)


Photo 2. Above (L-R): Diyang, Qi (PhD student, Geotech), Gaochao Lin
(PhD student, Geotech), Xidong Zhang (PhD Student, Geotech), Yanzhi Wang
(PhD Student, Geotech)


Photo 3. Above (L-R): Ali Kashani (Lecturer, Construction), Bruce Harvey
(Senior Lecturer, Surveying)


Photo 4. Above (L-R):  Jiyu Liu (PhD Student, SAGE), Bingnan Li (PhD student, SAGE),
Sharareh Akbarian (PhD student, SAGE) Badal Pokharel (PhD student, SAGE),
Yincai Zhou (Technical officer, SAGE), Peter Mumford (Technical Officer, SAGE)


Photo 5. Above (L-R): Peter Mumford (Technical Officer, SAGE), Robert Care
(Professor of Practice), Craig Roberts (Senior Lecturer, SAGE), Steve Foster

(HoS, Professor Structures)


Photo 6. Above (L-R): Neeraj Saxena (Associate Lecturer, Transport),
Mahmoud Hammad (PhD student, Structures), Lakshminarayanan Mohana
Kumar (PhD student, Structures)


Photo 7. Above (L-R): Neeraj Saxena (Associate Lecturer, Transport),
Divya Nair (Lecturer, Transport), Amolika Sinha (PhD student, Transport),
Kiran Shakeel (PhD student, Transport), Ted Robson (Research Associate,
Transport), Xiang Zhang (Research Associate, Transport), Sai Chand
(Research Associate, Transport), Aleksa Zlojutro (Software Engineer,

Transport), Julius Secadiningrat (Technical Officer, Transport)

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