Adaptive Traffic Control Systems - Current Trends and Future Developments by Aleksandar Stevanovic

Date:      Thursday 22 May 2014

Guest Speaker:                 

Aleksandar Stevanovic, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor
Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering
Florida Atlantic University, USA

 Dr. Aleksandar Stevanovic is an assistant professor of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering at Florida Atlantic University. Dr. Stevanovic’s main research interests are: traffic operations (emphasis on arterial operations and traffic control), transportation planning, and multimodal operations, and sustainable transportation. Dr. Stevanovic has been involved, as a consultant or panel-review member, in several federally-funded projects. He is a member of TRB AHB25 Committee for Traffic Signal Systems and chair of its research subcommittee and member of ITE, TRB, ASCE, and other professional societies. He has authored more than 50 journal and conference papers and 20 technical reports for various transportation agencies (e.g. Transportation Research Board, National Science Foundation, Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Transit Authority, Florida Department of Transportation, and others).

Abstract :

Adaptive Traffic Control Systems (ATCSs) represent one of the most efficient ITS tools. These systems have been used for decades to alleviate traffic congestion, improve safety, and reduce carbon footprint on urban streets around the world. While these systems have struggled to increase their presence on US roads for many years, we have recently seen significant increase in their numbers. At the times when traffic signal agencies are fighting both with everlasting congestion, safety problems, and the economic slowdown, the ATCSs have been able to provide affordable and sustainable solutions. This seminar will present the current state-of-the-practice of ATCS deployments in the US and it will inform audience about new state-of-the-art technologies which are being incorporated in the ATCS platforms.

Hosted by:

Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI)
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Computer Science and Engineering

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