Award of ARC Discovery Project to rCITI researchers

Many congratulations to  S. Travis Waller Taha Hossein RashidiDavid ReyDivya Nair, Sisi Jian for the award of the recent ARC Discovery project DP210103138 Quantifying Ethics-related Metrics for Transport Network Systems.

This project will assist society to identify ethics-related metrics for improving the design of transport network services and augment the social benefits of transport systems to relevant user groups. This project is anticipated to conceive, implement, and validate new methodologies to solve challenging optimisation problems aiming at promoting ethics in transport systems via the provision of incentives to transport services providers. The outcomes of this project are expected to support the emergence of ethical transport systems and to address fundamental societal and economical challenges induced by utility-driven transport services. This project will help in positioning Australia as a global leader in the field of ethical transport network systems.

Amount: $516,500

The ARC Discovery Projects scheme objectives are to (a) support excellent basic and applied research and research training by individuals and teams; (b) support national and international research collaboration; and (c) enhance the scale and focus of research in Australian Government priority areas

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