Dean’s Award for Outstanding PhD Theses

The Dean's Award for Outstanding PhD Theses recognises PhD graduates who have been commended by their thesis examiners.

To be eligible for this award, candidates must produce a thesis that requires only minimal corrections, received outstanding and/or excellent levels of achievement for all examination criteria, and in the opinion of both examiners is in the top 10% of PhD theses examined.

Shantanu Chakraborty was granted this award in the 2021 Round 1 for his thesis titled - Dynamic Traffic Assignment Models for System Optimal Future Mobility Analysis

This study comprehensively analyses the effect of advanced traffic congestion mitigation strategies such departure-time incentives, shared mobility services and AV-exclusive lanes on current transport systems. With the gradual advent of automation technologies in the transport industry, these models would become more relevant due to enhanced coordination and cooperation between supply (network infrastructure) and travel demand in the near future. The four novel optimisation frameworks developed in this thesis can be used to improve the efficiency of transport network operations along with informing infrastructure investments for social welfare.

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