Graduation Ceremony 9 May 2019

The Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation is celebrating the recent round of PhD Graduations at the Engineering Graduation Ceromony 9 May 2019.

We would like to congratulate all our graduating students on all their hard work and success and wish them all the success for their future careers.


Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) Honours  

  • Rui CHEN
  • Kai Yin CHUNG
  • Bryce James COLLINS
  • Xiaoen JIANG
  • Jacky LEI
  • Daniel Liang Zhi LIM

Bachelor of Engineering (Environmental Engineering) 

  • Isabella Soudam KIM

Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering)

  • William HUYNH 

Master of Engineering(Civil Engineering)

  • Mario Piquero DIZON Jr.

Master of Engineering Science (Environmental Engineering) 

  • Teng SUN

Doctor of Philosophy (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

  • Mohana Naga Sai Chand CHAKKA
  • Nima AMINI



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