TRANSW 2023 Symposium

TRANSW 2023 Symposium 

Novel research presented at TRANSW symposium by our rCITI team.

Our topics aim to tackle present-day and future societal needs like pre-disaster self evacuation, facilitating household decision making with land use planning, making ethical decision in transport, and many others. 

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Abstracts for oral and poster presentations can be found be below. 

Stream 1 - Electric, Automated and Shared Mobility

Autonomous System and Relevant Technologies   

  • Emerging Mobility in Smart Cities Empowered by Blockchain and Deep Data (Ruiyi Zhao) - link

 Stream 2 - Active, Safe and Freight Transportation

Innovations of Safety in Transport Systems

  • Pre-disaster Self-evacuation Transport Network Design under Uncertain Demand and Connectivity Reliability: A Novel Bi-level Programming Model (Junxiang Xu) - link

 Active Transport and Placemaking  

  • On the transferability of pedestrian demand models: Empirical insights from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane  (Fatemeh Nourmohammadi) - link
  • Incorporating ethics in the active network design and development  (Mehrdad Memarpour) - link

 Freight and Logistics

  • Uncovering the Determinants of Shippers' Willingness to Shift from Road to Rail Freight Transport (Kesewa Agyemang) - link 
  • Enhancing Last-Mile Delivery Planning: Understanding Drivers' Preferences with Machine Learning (Zahra Nourmohammadi) - link 

 Stream 3 - Transport Modelling

Advancements in Transport Modelling   

  • Bridging Decisions and Destinations: Advanced Computational Models for Household Decision-Making in Land Use and Transportation (Maryam Bostanara) - link
  • Investigating the Value of Travel Time of Sydney Residents by Developing Time-use Models (Maliheh Tabasi) - link 


  • Development of Activity-Based Modelling Leveraging Novel Deep Learning Methods (Yuanchen Ma) - link
  • Household Relocation and Cost of Travelling: a CGE Framework for Strategic Transport Appraisal (Jason Wang)  - link
  • Optimizing signal control at continuous-flow intersections considering traffic progress (Yining Hu)  - link
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