Reza Shahbad


Reza Shahbad

Ph.D. Candidate

Local Student 


Supervisors: Dr. Milad Haghani & A/Prof. Taha Hossein Rashidi 

Areas of Interest:

  •  Pedestrian behaviour analysis
  • Crowd evacuation dynamics
  • Transport analytics
  • Traffic psychology and behaviour

My interest in pedestrian behaviour analysis and crowd dynamics is driven by two factors. First, my curiosity in psychological and behavioural characteristics of human beings which form their decision-making process. And second, my aspiration for being able to help save more people's lives when emergencies happen.

At the UNSW, my PhD research focus is measuring and improving responses of crowds to acuate cases of emergency in public spaces. We will try to investigate whether/to what extent the crowds' behavioural modifications (improvements) impact the evacuation efficiency in acuate cases of emergency in public spaces. Using field experiments, we will measure the effects of individual training on different aspects of emergency evacuation. The outcome will be a training tool for training public on their evacuation responses, which can consequently lead to saving more lives in the cases of emergency.

I have 4 years of post-graduate academic experience completing two master's degrees in Civil-Environmental Engineering and Construction Management. During these years, I had the chance of teaching two post-graduate core subjects and being a teaching assistant for several other subjects. I have also worked in industry for more than 4 years as an engineer and consultant in building services, with the international experience working on projects across Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US.

I am thrilled to be back in academia and pick up where I left off through this PhD program. I am specifically very glad to be a part of the UNSW and rCITI and looking forward to meeting all the wonderful people here.

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