Milad Haghani

Senior Lecturer
Civil & Environmental Eng
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Dr Milad Haghani is a Senior Lecturer and an Australian Research Council DECRA Fellow at the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering of UNSW Sydney.

He is a PhD alumnus of The University of Melbourne and has previously held Fellowship positions at the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) of the University of Sydney Business School as well as the Centre for Spatial Data and Land Administration (CSDILA) of the University of Melbourne.

Milad's research and teaching is at the intersect of transport and safety research with a particular focus on human factors.

He has undertaken an extensive amount of experimental and theoretical research in the areas of crowd safety, mass emergencies, public safety, public security perception, evacuation planning, pedestrian modelling and simulation, road safety and transport psychology.

He is also an expert in the domain of econometric modelling and choice analysis as well as science of science and meta-research.