Yining Hu, PhD student




Yining Hu

PhD Student

International Student from China


Supervisors:  Dr Meead Saberi, Dr David Rey


Areas of Interest: 

  • Autonomous Vehicles Control
  • Optimization Algorithms
  • Large Traffic Network management and Control
  • Traffic Analysis based on Big Data
  • Machine Learning Application in Traffic Engineering

My current research topic is titled - Signal Control Optimisation with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Considering Vulnerable Road Users. I aim to explore how traffic signal controls could be optimized for cases in which AVs are mixed with human-driven vehicles while interacting with vulnerable road users (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists) at intersections. I hope this will fill the gap and help in the traffic signal control for AVs in scenarios that consider the road users, which we will be faced with in the near future.

In my past research, I have developed an optimization framework that works for shared vehicle routing and passenger assignment simultaneously in microscopic level, with large-scale network and vehicle fleet. I believe that in the future, with more powerful computers and better algorithms, we can achieve more accurate and real-time control over large traffic network.

The development of technologies is taking human to an “intelligent” future. We will be more relying on intelligent systems in our daily life. And for traffic engineering, the ITS will take over lots of works that were conventionally done manually, probably with higher efficiency, and will achieve more functions that were not possible before. Joining such study field really excites me and I wish I can contribute to the development of ITS.

One thing I think that people do not know about me is that I love music. I was in several different rock bands as vocal or bass, but now I prefer Jazz and classic, as well as some innovative fusion music. I have been thinking about utilizing my knowledge and skills in conducting research related to music d I am planning do this in my leisure time as a hobby in the future.

Contact Details: yining.hu2@unsw.edu.au