Zahra Nourmohammad



Zahra Nourmohammadi

Ph.D. Student

International Student from Iran


Supervisors: A/Prof. Meead Saberi and A/Prof. David Rey

Areas of Interest:

  • Mathematical modeling of transportation problems,
  • Machine Learning,
  • Deep learning,
  • Data/Big Data Analysis,
  • Optimization,
  • Route Planning

I have always believed that the process of learning continues at every stage of life, the more one's knowledge is, the easier she/he can take advantage of her/his life. To have a thorough understanding of the world's complexity, mathematics knowledge is vital in everyone's life. As a perfectionist, Engineering fields related to the industry, completely satisfies what I am seeking in my academic and private life, and even it can be what our world requires that is why I chose Industrial Engineering for my bachelor major. To fulfil my academic desire as we as personal life I chose doing my PhD. I have always been in this opinion that satisfaction and success have a strong relationship with each other; Success in life begins with a smile on my face every day, and it will be extended by making an impact even if it is a minor one. Whenever I ensure that I have tried my best, it will put on a smile on my face and it does not matter what the results are. Chances are, if you are looking for high achievements in society and your personal life, you should be proud of yourself and your community.

Contact details: Zahra Nourmohammadi