Prestigious Australian College of Road Safety (ACRS) Fellowship awarded to Professor Michael Regan

Congratulations to rCITI/CVEN Professor Michael (Mike) Regan who was presented with the prestigious 2019 ACRS Fellowship at the September ACRS Award Ceremony at the Adelaide Convention Centre. The award recognises Professor Regan's global impact and leadership in transport human factors and road safety. Professor Regan has BSc (Hons) and PhD degrees in Psychology and Human Factors from the Australian National University, and is currently a Professor of Human Factors at the UNSW Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI).

(L- R) Mr Martin Small, Prof Michael Regan, Mr Llew O'Brien.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday 26 September 2019 in front of 500 of Australasia’s foremost road safety professionals and advocates, during the 2019 Australasian Road Safety Conference (ARSC2019), and is deserved recognition of Professor Regan's outstanding contribution to research, education and policy, particularly in the areas of driver distraction and inattention, and driver interaction with connected, automated and intelligent transport systems.

In presenting the award, ACRS President Mr Martin Small said "Our success in eliminating fatal and serious injury in road traffic by 2050 will depend upon our acceptance and our shaping of road traffic technology and systems. Ahead of this crucial time, Professor Regan’s body of work has re-oriented our focus on human capability towards those essential human machine interface issues which we must grapple with, reminding the world that we must always place humans at the very centre of our safety thought and action. I am delighted to welcome Mike as a Fellow of the Australasian College of Road Safety."

Professor Regan has made outstanding contributions to road safety as an academic/researcher, research leader and policy maker. He has designed and led around 150 research projects in road safety in Australia and Europe, many of them large-scale projects across various transport user classes. His research topics include driver distraction and inattention, driver interaction with connected, automated and intelligent vehicles, naturalistic driving studies, field operational testing of vehicle advanced driver assistance systems, driver education, training and licensing, human error in crash causation, user-centred design and evaluation of the vehicle human-machine interface, user-centred design and evaluation of road and traffic environments, and public and user acceptance of automated and driverless vehicles.

Through research and other contributions, Mike has supported government and industry in Australia, Europe and the US, and has trained, taught and nurtured the next generations of road safety researchers and professionals.

The Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation and the School of Civil & Environmental Engineering joins ACRS and members of the road safety community across Australasia in congratulating Professor Regan on his outstanding contributions and award of the 2019 ACRS Fellowship. 


About the ACRS Fellowship Award

The prestigious ACRS Fellowship is recognised as the Australasian road safety community’s highest honour, recognising an individual for their outstanding commitment and effectiveness in their efforts to reduce road trauma. The Australasian College of Road Safety first instituted the award of College Fellow in 1991. The award recipient is presented with a plaque and citation – there is no financial reward – but it is the College’s highest honour.

Fellows must be acknowledged by colleagues and co-workers as outstanding by virtue of contributions to road safety rather than their position. The contributions must be of such a nature that they have led to substantial growth and improvement in an important institution or organisation, body of knowledge or aspect of thought and practice associated with road safety.

About the Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS)

The Australasian College of Road Safety (ACRS) is the region’s peak membership association for road safety professionals, advocates, and members of the public who are focused on saving lives and serious injuries on our roads. The College provides an inclusive, collaborative environment promoting communication, networking, professionalism and advocacy across all spheres of road safety including policy, advocacy, research, innovation, technologies, and management. ACRS membership includes experts from all areas of road safety including policy makers, academics, community organisations, researchers, federal, state and local government agencies, private companies and members of the public.

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