About rCITI

The Research Centre for Integrated Transport Innovation (rCITI) is based in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New South Wales, Sydney and represents a strategic effort that unites and extends the wide range of transport research across the university campus.

Exceptional growth in a few short years

Keenly supported by both government and industry, rCITI was officially launched in November 2011 and, since then, has gone from strength to strength. The centre now has 22 staff members and more than 30 postgraduate students – with numbers continuing to increase each year.

The research partnerships formed over the past three years come from within the public and private sectors and which have developed and grown to be stronger than ever before.

Led by transport expert Professor Vinayak Dixit

At the helm is the Director, Professor Vinayak Dixit (an expert in highway safety, travel time uncertainty, as well as natural and man-made disasters) and Executive Director, Professor S. Travis Waller (an expert in transport systems and planning) which make them an excellent fit for the cross-School Faculty Centre.

rCITI set out to become a world-leading organisation in integrated interdisciplinary transport research and development.  They are well on their way to achieving our goals through a range of research initiatives investigating sustainable approaches to transport infrastructure and operations, with extensive liaison with industry and government.

Research based around six pillars

rCITI aims to reshape the field of Multi-modal Transport Engineering and Planning by introducing new innovative techniques and technologies, which enhance society, by integrating across methodological disciplines and contextual considerations.

The Centre bases all research activities around six core research pillars:

    •  Integrated Infrastructure Strategic Planning 
    •  Bio-Secure Mobility  
    •  Engineering Smart Cities & Logistics  
    • Connected Mobility Services  
    • Deep Data, Digitisation & Decisions  
    • Human-centred and Automated Systems Design  

Relationship building a key priority

The Centre’s research thrives on the availability of robust interdisciplinary groups available at UNSW that span Civil, Environmental, Computer, Electrical, and Mechanical Engineering as well as the Built Environment with additional collaborations continuing to develop.

In addition, rCITI continues to build new relationships with industry partners that allows core research to be developed into usable tools and solutions that make a real difference to the industry. rCITI has identified substantial scope for contribution locally, nationally and internationally, with several opportunities  for integrated transport analysis already underway.