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Taste of Research Scholarship(s)

Project Title:

Mathematical modelling of traffic flow with autonomous vehicles

Name of Supervisor:

Dr Meead Saberi

Email of Supervisor:

Name of Joint/Co-Supervisor:

Prof Vinayak Dixit

Email of Joint/Co-Supervisor:


School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Research Area (Theme):

Intelligent & Autonomous Systems

Applicable to other Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering
Electrical Engineering & Telecommunications
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering




With the advent of automated vehicles, also known as driverless cars, we expect to see a change in traffic flow characteristics on freeways and urban arterials. In this project, the student is expected to formulate and solve a mathematical model of traffic flow with mixed autonomous and human-driven vehicles.

Research Environment:

The research project will be carried as part of the CityX research laboratory ( The group consists of several PhD students and Master's students who are working on a wide range of topics with some students working in the same area.

Novelty and Contribution:

The main contribution of the project lies in the proposed mathematical model and its solution. It is expected that the model will be solved analytically and/or numerically that could provide a comparison between different approaches and will be applied to a real case study.

Expected Outcomes:

The project is expected to provide methodological contributions to the field of traffic flow modelling of autonomous vehicles. The outcomes are also expected to be applied to a motorway case study in Sydney as a real-world example.

Reference Material Links:

A multi-class traffic flow model – an extension of LWR model with heterogeneous drivers

Continuum Modelling of Traffic Systems with Autonomous Vehicles

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