AITPM (New South Wales) 2017 Young Professional Award Winner

Navreet Virdi

Congratulations to Navreet Virdi for been awarded the AITPM (New South Wales) 2017 Young Professional Award Winner. 

Navreet is currently a PhD student at rCITI and a Transport Planner working for Arup. In 2016 he graduated from the University of New South Wales with First Class Honours in Civil Engineering. Navreet's first taste of transport engineering was during a course that required students to design an optimal and feasible ramp metering system for the M4 motorway.

That course inspired him to investigate further into the discipline of transport engineering, and so he completed every undergraduate and postgraduate course offered by UNSW on the topic of transport engineering.

Navreet's honours thesis during his penultimate year centred on the mathematical modelling and microsimulation of mixed fleet systems that contained Autonomous and Connected Vehicles. The reason why he proposed undertaking this project is because he is fascinated by the idea of an intelligent driving fleet that is capable of optimised operation through co-operation and communication.

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