Transport student Presentations for T1, 2019

Our 4th Year Students completing their Honours Research Thesis, along with the Coursework Masters students, did a fantastic job presenting their research in a seminars to their peers on Friday 7 June 2019.  

Above (L-R) Qiang Du, Aurelia Israel, Tianyu Liu, Huang Chen, Qiang Li, Jeremy Chung

Above (L-R)Jirarui Mi, Duc Lu, Kerfegar Parekh, Ruiyang Yang, Aaron Tomlins, Zhongchu Shen, 

Above (L-R) Yiming Zhao, Jiahao You, Xinan Zhang, Feng Zhi, Yongjian Yin

Link for transport abstracts.




Chen, Huang (M)

Autonomous vehicles: Disengagements and accidents

Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai

Chung, Jeremy Gregorious (H)

Understanding the Role of Inattentional Blindness in Look-But-Fail-To-See Crashes in NSW

Prabhakharan, Prasannah

Du, Qiang (M)

Transport resilience to natural disaster- Tropical Cyclone Debbie

Dixit, Vinayak

Israel, Aurelia Mooryanti (H)

New approaches to level of service assessment: Benchmarking of the development and place framework

Jian, Sisi Wijayaratna, Kasun

Le, Thi Ngoc Mai (H)

Modelling the behaviour of connected and autonomous vehicles in transport networks accounting for emergency operations

Grzybowska, Hanna

Li, Qiang (M)

Analysis of Air Travel In Australia from 2004 to 2018

Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai

Liu, Tianyu (M)

Using crowdsourced traffic data for predicting crashes

Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai

Lu, Duc Phat (H)

Preference Choice Study of Separated Cycleways Around the South East Light Rail

Saxena, Neeraj

Meredith, Joshua (H)

A network model for evaluating global outbreak control strategies

Rey, David

Mi, Jiarui (M)

Have people started walking more in Sydney? Role of Fitness tracker in encouraging walk behavior

Saxena, Neeraj

Parekh, Kerfegar Tehmasp (H)

A comparative study of stated preference surveys with and without driving simulator experience to assess route choice behaviour due to stop and go traffic

Saxena, Neeraj

Shen, Zhongchu (H)

Understanding the route choice behaviour of drivers: A survey

Saxena, Neeraj

Tomlins, Aaron John (H)

The Traffic Impacts of Short-Notice Bushfire Evacuations in Australia

Wijayaratna, Kasun

Wang, Ruiyang (H)

Traveller behaviour modelling using Bayesian Statistics

Saxena, Neeraj

Yang, Zhiwei (M)

Quantifying the economic impacts of High-speed Railway Development

Zhang, Fangni Liu, Wei

Yin, Yongjian (M)

Transportation Network Resilience on 2016 Waroona Fire

Dixit, Vinayak

You, Jiahao (H)

Estimating the demand of shared bike services for students living in Eastern Suburbs

Saxena, Neeraj

Zhang, Xinan (M)

The effect of different factors on traffic incidents duration

Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai

Zhao, Yiming (M)

Optimising human performance of the Dynamic Driving Task fallback through the use of auditory and visual alert tones

Prabhakharan, Prasannah Dixit, Vinayak

Zhi, Feng (M)

Understanding the route choice behaviour of pedestrians

Saberi Kalaee, Meead

Zhou, Junming (M)

Applications of crowd-sourced traffic data for transport planning and traffic management

Chakka, Mohana Naga Sai



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