GoGet Carshare

GoGet Carshare – safer and more fuel efficient driving

rCITI researchers: Dr Vinayak Dixit, Prof S. Travis Waller, A/Prof Taha Hossein Rashidi, Dr Lauren Gardner Dr Zhitao Xiong and Mr Bruce Jeffrey's

Imagine being able to use technology to influence driver behaviour to be safer and more fuel efficient?

At rCITI, we have partnered with GoGet to develop an Integrated Intelligent Vehicular System (IIVS) that is on its way to doing just that.

By setting up one of GoGet’s fleet vehicle with an on-board computer, front and side radar detectors and a forward facing intelligent camera, software collects and analyses traffic data to evaluate crash risk propensity and fuel efficiency of driving.

This project is at the forefront of using technology to influence human behaviour and promote safer and more fuel efficient behaviour through incentive mechanisms, and is expected to influence transportation and insurance policies. Most importantly, this project will contribute towards a broader framework for Intelligent Transport Systems.

For more information please contact:

Professor Vinayak Dixit
E:  v.dixit@unsw.edu.au