Ramp Metering

In pursuit of the world’s best ramp metering strategies

rCITI research team: Prof. S. Travis Waller, Dr Vinayak Dixit, Dr Hanna Grzybowska, Nima Amini, Kasun Wijayaratna, William Manning

Ramp meters are a cost-effective method used for relieving traffic congestion by controlling the frequency vehicles enter the traffic flowing onto a motorway. They have been shown to not only significantly reduce travel time but also increase driver safety. But what are the best performing ramp metering systems being used around the world and why?

The TfNSW Department of Roads and Maritime Services has engaged rCITI to conduct a study into ramp metering strategies used around the world consisting of a detailed literature review and including an understanding of the algorithms that underpin these strategies.

As part of the analysis, rCITI are categorising the Ramp Metering methods of control and algorithms, and reporting the highlights and functional descriptions of each algorithm. The interesting thing is that while the functionalities of the algorithms remain valid through time, the physical developments of the Ramp Metering strategies are continually being updated.

The review takes into consideration specific case studies of the implementation and evaluation of specific algorithms with the United States of America, Europe and Australia/Asia.

In addition to a literature review, rCITI are interviewing key organisations and individuals involved in the deployment and operation of these Ramp Metering strategies within Australia and New Zealand.

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Professor S. Travis Waller
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