Achieving a sustainable community into the future

Leveraging technology to enhance city planning: Achieving a ‘Smart’ Adelaide

rCITI Resesarcher(S): Dr Kasun Wijayaratna, Dr Sisi Jian  and Prof S. Travis Waller.

Cities around the world seeking economic growth and prosperity are faced with the challenges of constrained resources, degradation of the natural environment, increases in traffic congestion and a rise in the cost of living. Smart city solutions, which involve leveraging technology to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of city systems and processes, provide an avenue for cities to evolve into a sustainable and thriving environment. However, investing in Smart City solutions isn’t without risk. Local governments face an array of alternative products and a multitude of providers, therefore understanding which approach will be most applicable locally, and that delivers the greatest long-term benefits isn’t trivial.

Adelaide is currently in a unique position of relative economic prosperity while not consumed by the negative effects of congestion that other state capitals in Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne, currently experience. This scenario offers CoA the greatest benefits to incorporate smart traffic technology initiatives to achieve a sustainable community into the future. RCITI in collaboration with Advisian provided the City of Adelaide technical consultation to prepare a long term vision for the planning and implementation of smart traffic technology solutions in Adelaide. The guideline documentation presents a visionary road map to ensure the sustainable development of a Smart Adelaide.