Enhancing the NSW Transport System

rCITI Research Team: Prof. S. Travis Waller, Dr Vinayak Dixit, Dr David Rey, Dr Hanna Grzybowska, Dr Melissa Duell, Dr Emily Moylan, Dr Zhitao Xiong, Nima Amini, Sai Chand Chakka, Milad Ghasrikhouzani, Tuo Mao, and Neeraj Saxena.

For a research centre completely dedicated to transport infrastructure research, it makes sense that a close bond would be formed with the government organisation in charge of the state’s transport network. That’s exactly what has occurred with a recent collaboration with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) that aims to enhance the planning and management of the NSW integrated transport system.

Through the partnership, rCITI will develop and incorporate world-leading methodologies on intermodal regional dynamic network analysis, closely interact with and train agency staff, employ university students in hands-on project activities, and create the next generation of analysis techniques to benefit the NSW's transport system and subsequently all of the travelling public.

The project was conducted over a 3 year period with four specific applications, each of which relies on specific research, training and project implementation activities.

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Professor S. Travis Waller